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How do Bed Bugs get into Homes – Apartments?

Common Ways for Bed Bugs to Infest Homes & Apartments

Bed bugs are secretive insects. They live in the dark in tight cracks, crevices, and holes near sleeping areas.

New bedbug infestations are usually centered around the mattress and bed frame. In heavier infestations, bugs move out to occupy hiding places further from the bed as well. Bedbugs can hide in beds, furniture, piles of clothing, back packs, and similar everyday items.

They can live for 6 or 7 months between feedings.

Bed bugs are excellent “Hitch-Hikers”

A typical way for bed bugs to gain access to your home  is for you, family member or visitor  to bring them in without realizing it.   Both bedbug adult and nymph suck blood; humans are the preferred host.

Here are some ways you could bring bedbugs into your home:

  • Children playing together in one home after another can be transferring bed bugs in their toys and backpacks.
  • Staying overnight in a bed bug infested room in a hotel or home and bringing them home in your luggage.
  • Buying bed bug-infested second-hand furniture, carpets, blankets, luggage, pictures, and fixtures from stores, yard sales, auctions, craft fairs and flea markets.
  • Picking up bed bug-infested beds, mattresses, or furniture that has been discarded and placed on the street or by a dumpster.
  • Visiting someone who has bed bugs and carrying them back with you on your clothing or possessions.
  • Renting furniture infested with bedbugs from furniture rental companies.
  • Bed bugs can also migrate from one apartment to the next through pipe and wiring runs, and through wall and ceiling voids, in the same way that cockroaches move between apartments


If you believe you may have an infestation of bed bugs in your home, ( if you are in an apartment please contact property management immediately) and if you are in a personally owned home it is highly recommended you contact a knowledgeable professional as soon as possible. Identifying the presence of bedbugs and starting service as soon as possible are important steps to make the process go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We walk you through your preparation work that is required for the best chance to eradicate.