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SPIDER  Hobo Spider

An Agressive House Spider

Hobo Spider:  Common house spider

Hobo Spiders Tegenaria agrestis, also called the aggressive house spider, is a common spider in the Pacific Northwest.  

It builds funnel-shaped webs in dark, moist areas such as basements, window wells, wood piles, and around the perimeter of homes. It is a large (1 to 13/4 inch, including legs), fast-running brown spider with a herringbone or multiple chevron pattern on the top of the abdomen. 

Bites most commonly occur when a person picks up firewood with a spider on it or when a spider finds its way into clothing or bedding. Reactions to bites of the hobo spider are similar to those caused by brown recluse spiders. The major difference between the two is that sometimes the bite of the hobo spider is accompanied by a severe headache that does not respond to aspirin. The hobo spider has not been documented in California, but it has been documented as expanding its range into other states that border Washington and Oregon.

Hobo Spider Prevention Tips

To avoid hobo spiders,

  • Seal cracks on the outside of the home
  • Screen all doors and windows.
  • Reduce clutter in basements and garages to eliminate hiding spots and keep these areas dry.
  • Avoid storing clothing or shoes on the floor
  • Use caution when moving items that have been stored for a long period of time.



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