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SPIDERS  Common House Spiders 

House Spider

Spider bites from sac spiders are most common.

It is estimated that sac spiders are responsible for more bites on people than any other spider. Typical symptoms of a bite include initial pain, redness, and sometimes swelling. A small blister may form, often breaking, leaving a sore that heals over a period of several weeks. Soreness near the bite may last for a few days to several weeks or may not occur at all, depending on the individual.

Yellow Sac Spider


The common house-dwelling agrarian sac or yellow sac spider, Cheiracanthium inclusum, is a small spider that spins a silken sac web in the corners of ceilings and walls, and behind shelves and pictures; it is also commonly found outdoors in shrubbery. This spider is light yellow and has a slightly darker stripe on the upper middle of the abdomen. The eight eyes of this spider are all about equal in size and arranged in two horizontal rows.

Brown House Spider


Yellow sac spiders can be seen running on walls and ceilings at night and quickly drop to the floor to escape if they are disturbed. Bites usually occur when the spider becomes trapped against a persons skin in clothing or bedding.

Wolf Spider


Unlike most spiders, wolf spiders don't hunt with webs. Instead, they chase their prey using their fast running ability. These spiders are often big and hairy which alarms some people, but they are primarily nuisance pests. Over 100 species of wolf spiders are found in the United States and Canada.



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