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If you believe you may have an infestation of bed bugs in your home, it is highly recommended you contact a knowledgeable professional such as us, as soon as possible. Identifying the presence of bed bugs and starting service as soon as possible are important steps to make the process go as quickly and efficiently as possible. We walk you through your preparation work that is required for the best chance to eradicate. ( if you are in an apartment please contact property management immediately)

First Step: Request a BEDBUG INSPECTION

First step is to determine level of infestation, best effective method to treat and the cost of bedbug service. Bedbugs can be extremely difficult to detect, proper diagnosis requires highly trained professionals. Bedbug inspection is required to determine cost to eliminate. Our inspection fee is $75, waived if we do service. Complete the Bedbug Inspection request and you will have completed your first step.

A typical bed bug management program consists of an intensive initial service followed by a number of follow up visits over a period of one to several months. These follow up visits are necessary to ensure a maximum level of control. One service WILL NOT eliminate all bedbugs from your home.

We may use combination of Thermal Heat Treatment and/or Insecticide Applications to eliminate bedbugs. Bedbug services are very labor intensive, rely on the careful use of residual pesticides.

Our Service and success requires you preparing for service. Proper service requires that ALL possible harborages are treated. We walk you through the preparation work that is required for the best chance of elimination of bedbugs.

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