red ant

Ants are among the most prevalent pests in and around homes and businesses.

 Common Ants found in our service area in and around homes and businesses are:

Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, and Carpenter Ants.

pavement ant

Pavement Ants

odorous house ant

House Ants

carpenter ant

Carpenter Ants

Ants also invade restaurants, hospitals, offices, warehouses, and other buildings where they can find food and water.

On outdoor and sometimes indoor plants, ants protect and care for honeydew-producing insects such as aphids, soft scales, whiteflies, and mealy bugs, increasing damage from these pests. This liquid excrement contains sugars and other nutrients that is food for ants.

Our pest management service for Ants can contain baits, gels, traps and sprays for eradication of ant infestations around homes and businesses

Because of the nature of an ant infestations an appointment is needed at the site to determine solutions and cost.