Black Widow Spider

Pest management spider service for control of spiders 

Best in Spring – Summer – Fall

Or when our weather seasons change

Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spiders are most dangerous to pets and humans and are commonly found in our area.

Spider control our pest management Spider Service includes Treatments in Crawl Spaces, Indoors and Perimeter of Building establishing a good residual spray to control common spiders of our area.

Annual Services – Bi Annual Service

Monthly outside perimeters during spring and summer months works for best control.

We Recommend Monthly maintenance during Spring and Summer
Monthly Service Programs are affordable and work
Ask about recurring schedule and price

How to Prepare for Spider Service

Do you need to Leave?

No, children, people and pets, should be inside while Technicians is performing outside service. Asthmatic people should not be present at time of service

Things to do

  • Pet dishes and Children’s Toys should be picked up and put away
  • Furniture should be away from walls at least a foot.
  • Crawl Space should be accessible, sometimes their access is in a closet or outside.
  • Windows and doors should be closed..
  • Complete access to property, unlock gates, open shed doors etc.
  • Schedule service for non water day or after sprinkler systems are done if possible.

Common spiders that bite and can be found in our area.