black widow spiders


Where Do Black Widow Spiders Live?

Black Widow Spiders are common in our area and can be found in garages, crawl spaces, bushes, foundations and other areas around homes. Indoors, black widows prefer the undisturbed and cluttered areas of garages, basements and crawl spaces.

Many people fear or dislike spiders but, for the most part, spiders are beneficial because of their role as predators of insects and other arthropods, and most cannot harm people.

Spiders that might injure people–for example, black widows–generally spend most of their time hidden under furniture or boxes, or in woodpiles, corners, or crevices. The spiders commonly seen out in the open during the day are unlikely to bite.


Black Widow Spider, with egg sacs
Black Widow Spider with egg sacs in web



The Black Widow Spider gets its name from the popular belief that the female eats the male after mating, although this rarely happens in nature.

WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE Black widow spiders are most recognized for the red hourglass shape under their abdomen.

WHAT THEY BUILD AT NIGHT Black widows spin irregular webs, which they usually build at night.




Spider caught in a black widow spider web, soon to be her meal
Black Widow Spider catching her prey

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