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systemic tree root injection applications

“Tree Protection Injection Applications”
” Systemic Tree Injections “
Works on Birch, Ash, Maple, Pine Trees – Protects from Aphids, Scale Insects, Black Vine Weevil Larvae, Emerald Ash Borer, Eucalypts Long Horned Borer, Bronze Birch Borer and Alder Borer.
Systemic treatments offer season long protection from Aphids, Scale and other damaging insects. Best time is in Jan, Feb, March before infestations happen in spring or summer. But can be done anytime.

WHAT PLANTS CAN BE TREATED? Trees Shrubs, Evergreens, Flowers, Foliage plants, Groundcovers and Interior plant scapes . Works on Birch, Ash, Maple, Pine and many other trees.



Treatments are usually done in the dormant stage before spring in the months of Jan, Feb, or Early March. The oil treatment smothers the eggs of aphids, mites, Scales, Leaf Rollers, etc on the trees preventing damage from an insect infestation.

Foliage Sprays – Trees, Shrubs & Ornamental Plants

Several foliage both Organic and Non-organic insecticide sprays are available to us as a good choice to use spring through fall for quick knockdown of an infestation.

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